Key takeaways from the most recent Virtual KubeCon + CloudNativeCon

The Ambassador Labs team have once again returned home from another awesome KubeCon! Of course, this time we didn’t ever leave our homes in the first place, but it was great to be connected virtually to the world wide cloud native community once again over the past week. …


Use VS Code and Telepresence connected to a remote Kubernetes cluster to locally debug Node.js microservices

Many organizations using Node.js adopt cloud native development practices with the goal of shipping features faster. The technologies and architectures may change when we move to the cloud, but the fact remains that we all still add the occasional bug to our code. The challenge here is that many of…

Introducing Ambassador Service Catalog: A single pane of glass for all your Kubernetes services & metadata, free for all users

The ability to easily and completely understand your software system is vitally important, particularly when things are on fire at 3 AM and you’ve just been paged. You need to quickly establish your service dependencies, identify who owns each service involved within the Kubernetes cluster, and locate their communication channels.

Summary of my new talk delivered at GOTOpia EU

I had the pleasure of presenting at the GOTOpia EU on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, and I decided to role out an entirely new talk based on our current approach to building effective developer workflows at Ambassador Labs: “Cloud Native Development Without the Toil: An Overview of Practices and…

Highlights and interesting stories from the CNCF flagship event

The Ambassador Labs team and I have settled safely back into our daily routines after another excellent (virtual) KubeCon NA event last week. There were so many great sessions, and we all thoroughly enjoyed the hallway track and Slack channels discussions

Although no travel was involved this year there was…

Fast feedback without compromising on production-like config

Photo by Jonatan Pie on Unsplash

If you have ever worked on a greenfield web-based application you will have experienced the pain of testing your application with TLS enabled. It’s easy to spin up an app or microservice and access this via an IP address or localhost, but this isn’t a fully qualified domain name and…

From empty cluster to an application-ready Kubernetes environment

It’s easy enough to spin up a local skeleton Kubernetes environment using tools like minikube, microk8s, or k3s, but getting an application-ready Kubernetes cluster that can route user-generated (or test) traffic to observable backend services is more challenging. In order to be productive, engineers need to move from working with…

Daniel Bryant

Director of DevRel @ambassadorlabs | News Manager @InfoQ | Chair @QConLondon | Biz-Dev-Ops

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